Olivia & Co.

October 2016

Olivia & Co. is a restaurant located in the 1st floor of Suntec City Mall. This website uses a unique layout with 9 sections span across a 3x3 grid. Each of these sections can be navigated to by dragging the page or clicking on the links in the navigation bar. Every section is connected seamlessly in conjunction with the hand-drawn artwork in the background.

As draggable interface and grid layout would not be feasible on a mobile device, a separate mobile theme was also created and the website will automatically load the respective desktop or mobile theme based on the device type detected.

  • Conversion of PSD files to WordPress Template
  • Separate mobile theme (due to design limitations)
  • Ensure cross browser/device compatibility
  • Integration with WordPress CMS
  • Custom 3x3 draggable grid layout
  • Bootstrap 3
  • jQuery
  • WordPress 4